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Sleep Monitor

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FitTrack Atria: 3 reasons

Level up your sleep game

How can you improve your sleep quality if you don’t know where to start? Atria monitors how much time you spend in light and deep sleep stages.

Never miss a beat

Put your heart in Atria’s (digital) hands and discover more about your cardio health. Optimize your effort during workouts and monitor your resting heart rate trends over time.

get better every day

Monitor health insights, understand activity trends, and track your progress while Atria shows you the best way to reach your health and wellness goals.

finally understand your health

Personalized guidance and insights.

You shouldn’t have to visit a doctor to monitor your health. Atria seamlessly integrates with your life to keep you informed about what matters most.

Motivation: All day long.

With regular reminders to be active throughout the day, Atria motivates you to get up and move so that you never miss a chance to live a healthier life.

Discover a better view

Atria automatically records your progress every day. Change your perspective for the better with historical charts and progress tracking.

designed to keep you going

Long battery life

With a 7+ day battery life, Atria tracks your morning, night, and everything in between.

7 exercise modes

Atria has 7 different exercise modes to meet you where you are and push you further.

Guided breathing sessions

Need to take a break? Atria walks you through calming breathing exercises based on your heart rate.

access the world from your wrist

The health and wellness coach you need, whenever and wherever you need it. Say goodbye to expensive appointments and long waitlists, because Atria’s available 24/7

motivational coaching at the flick of your wrist

Smart notifications

Connect Atria to your favorite apps and get call, text, and calendar notifications right away.

Music experience

Listen to your favorite music and pick songs, albums, and playlists from your wrist.

Lightweight design

Ergonomically designed so that you track what matters most all day and night with no discomfort.

Photo capability

Use Atria to take photos from your device and capture the ultimate selfie as you document your journey.

Bluetooth 5.0

Atria uses the latest Bluetooth technology so that you can connect with your favorite speakers and headphones.

Over 600,000+ Happy Customers!

Christina Santana

Everything you need!

This watch is fantastic. I am moving from a Pebble and did not want to spend $200+ on the FitBit equivalent so I did my research and picked up this watch. It has all the main basic feature I need!

Sara Meles

Best apple watch alternative
I got my device yesterday. I was pumped--a smart watch that monitors heart rate for under $100? Score. Plus, I don't care about onboard apps, or whatever, I just wanted a tracker that tells time. This watch had what I wanted at a price point I can swallow.

Davielle Stewart

I was searching for a wearable that met 3 criteria. 1 - Monitor heart rate continuously 2.- Has phone notification. 3 - Would monitor my sleep patterns. This device meets and exceeds all three of these needs; and does so very comfortably. 

Brittany Stubbs

Simply Impressive!

Fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, notifications and excellent battery life for under $100 - simply impressive! I love this little watch! 

Henry Bailey

Very Impressive For the Price
Love this Smartwatch! I am basically obsessed with fitness trackers and I have tried several. I am especially interested in sleep tracking and heart rate, but I am also quite active, so steps and activity monitoring are important too and this watch does it all for less than $100!


Yes! Atria allows you to view calls, texts, and calendar notifications on-screen along with push notifications from your favourite apps.

With a multi-day battery life of 7+ days, FitTrack Atria tracks your daily activity without a minute missed.

Atria is compatible with Android 5.0 devices and higher and Apple iOS 10.0 devices and higher. Always ensure that you have the latest version installed on your phone

Yes, you can. Atria has over 6 different customizable watch faces to suit different occasions

The Atria tracks movements while you're sleeping. Our proprietary Software then translates those movements into periods of sleep and wake. For people with sleep disorders or general sleep disruptions, Atria is a convenient way to have their sleep patterns studied by a clinic without having to sleep in the lab.

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