Fitness & Health 14-day home challenge

A Better You Starts At Home

We've heard you.

With the sudden change in your routine and lifestyle, limited access to gyms and outdoor training facilities, you needed a program to stay fit from home.

Well, if you're the kind of person that stays optimistic and proactive regardless of the circumstances, we have an all-new VIP Guided Program that we think you're going to l-o-v-e.

It's a FREE 14-day home workout and meal plan, for you to make the most out of these days at home.

Come back out healthier, leaner, stronger and happier than before!


What's Inside?

We've gathered Professional Nutritionists and Personal Trainers to create for you:

✔ 14-DAY WORKOUT PLAN: Each day you'll have a routine with 9 proposed exercises, and the amount of repetitions for each. It should take you between 15 - 30 mins a day to stay on track, and SEE the results you want.

If you're a beginner, feel free to do less than 9 exercises, or less repetitions.

These are all exercises that you can do with your own body weight. No extra equipment needed. 

✔ EXERCISE HOW-TOs: Even if you've never done a squat, or an ab crunch, or a jumping jack, will show you the right technique to do it correctly.

That way you'll be able to do them effectively, and not hurt yourself with a bad movement.

✔ FITNESS TRACKER SHEET: You'll want to print this one. Pin it to your fridge, and keep yourself in check.

✔ 14-DAY NUTRITION PLAN: Delicious and nutritious ideas for each meal of the day.

There are some "fancy" and balanced recipes if you want to step it up a notch. You'll find the ingredients for these, plus a clear preparation method.

✔ MEAL PLANER SHEET: You'll want to print this one too. Regardless if you follow our recommended meals or not, take note of what you're eating in the meal planer.

That you'll be able to see clearly what you're putting into your body, and be conscious of your eating habits.

How to get it?

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Plus, you'll get few other surprises just for joining the #FitTrackHomeChallenge.

Amazing BONUS!

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